Who owns MOM?

MOM is owned and operated by Connecting People for Health Co-operative Limited, a grassroots organization launched by the Nova Scotia Co-operative Sector.

What does the MOM software do?

MOM is a software program that helps to manage medical practices for all types of physicians, including family physicians and specialists, whether clinic or hospital based.

MOM manages patient scheduling, patient notes, and billing of medical services to MSI, WCB and insurance companies.

MOM is highly efficient and effective at managing physician billings to MSI. Admin staff can quickly process claims, thereby maximizing revenues and reducing overhead costs.

What hardware do I need to run MOM?

MOM will run on most PCs – contact us for advice when purchasing a new computer.

Does MOM connect to any other software systems?

Yes, MOM connects with HealthConnex, which is a secure portal that allows patients and doctors to start communicating electronically. Please go to www.mommedical.com/FAQ/HealthConnex for more information about how HealthConnex can help you to provide better services and generate more revenues.

Can I get lab & other hospital results through MOM (e-results)?

MOM is working with the Nova Scotia Department of Health to determine if it can get access to e-results.

Isn’t MOM an old software system?

MOM is written in a programming language called ZIM. This language is owned by ZIM Corp (www.zim.biz) in Ottawa, ON.

MOM is currently being upgraded from ZIM 4.21 to ZIM 7.11. This will allow for MOM to run on 64-bit hardware, and therefore be compatible with Windows 7.

Is MOM an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

MOM is being used by some physicians in Nova Scotia to digitally store all medical information in their practices. With extensive patient notes, prescription tracking, reminders and other features, MOM can help you to better manage your patients.

Why do I need to upgrade MOM?

MOM is written in a programming language called ZIM. The current version of ZIM (4.21) is no longer supported by ZIM Corp (www.zim.biz). We are upgrading to ZIM 7.11, which runs on 64-bit hardware and links more easily with other hardware and software.

How do I generate a year end tax report (payments from MSI)?

Start at the MOM Main Menu.

Press F5 (Reports).

Arrow down the left column to number 8 – Revenue.

Press your right arrow key once to go to the right column.

Arrow down the right column to number 9.

Press enter.

You will be taken to a screen that will warn you that this is a very lengthily report and will take a long time to retrieve the information

You will be asked if you wish to continue.

Type “Y” for yes and continue.

The Next Screen will ask you for the dates and which Doctor this is to be restricted to.

Example: starting date: 01/01/10, ending date: 31/12/10, Restrict to Doctor___

Press F3 to execute.

When completed send to your printer and print.


Have A Question?

The MOM technical support team is in place to answer any questions you might have related to MOM or MSI billing issues for all MOM customer’s.

Monday-Friday 8am -5pm

(902) 453-4700