Patient Specific Billing

ATTENTION Radiologists/ Pathologists/ and Internal Medicine Doctors

Benneworth Advanced Systems Inc., the owners of the Medical Office Manager (MOM), and Personal Billing Services, one of the largest physician billing bureaus in Nova Scotia, have teamed up to offer a new service for PATIENT SPECIFIC BILLING.

Why Choose PSB?

  • MOM is the preferred billing software of Physicians in Nova Scotia
  • No software purchases or installations, no updates, no back-ups, and no additional equipment or internet connections.
  • No training, no claims inputting for the physician or staff, and no additional work in the office. The only task required is a daily/weekly billing report transfer to our secure upload website which should only take a few minutes each day/week.
  • Once the claims are uploaded to our secure website, the MOM software and Personal Billing Services will submit the claims on the physician’s behalf and the adjudication response is monitored by our skilled staff.
  • Cost is comparable if not better than the other solutions being offered, and we look after all the work for the physician with minimal interruption to their current work flow.

How To Get PSB

MOM has been an approved billing and scheduling vendor in Nova Scotia for more than 30 years and Personal Billing Services has been offering MSI, Workers Comp., etc. billing services to Physicians for more than 20 years. Our team has many years of experience to draw upon, we provide excellent customers service, and are problem resolution specialists.

Contact us today to get more information and to sign up for our service, customer contact center is open Monday to Friday (902) 453-4700 option 1

Already signed up with another Vendor?
Call us today, we can help you switch to our value-added service and your claims will be handled by staff with unrivalled knowledge of the MSI billing rules

Benneworth Advanced System Inc. has been helping physicians, hospital departments, and private clinics process claims for more than 30 years