MOM – The Medical Office Manager

Full MOM Features

Features designed to optimize production and save time, effort, and money.

  • Patient Notes

    • Extended patient general notes.
    • Recall dates.
    • Follow up notes with success rating for procedures.
    • Patient profile files.
    • Patient History reports for Insurance Companies, etc.
    • Stores patient Prescription records, test results, consultation reports, drug allergies, risk groups, hospital unit numbers, and general notes.
    • Dx / Procedure history.
    • Automatic capture of patient Dx history including sex specific Dx checking.
    • Drug allergies.
    • Drug interaction analysis.
    • Pregnancy tracking.
    • Classifications of patients.
    • Family affiliations.
  • Scheduling

    • External Clinic appointment system.
    • O/R scheduling.
    • Ophthalmology scheduling.
  • System Support Functions

    • Unattended system functions (e.g. overnight backups, etc.).
    • Downloading claims from hospital computers (where authorized by the Hospital).
    • Data export for External Statistical Analysis.
  • Data Analysis

    • Analysis of Variance (“F” Test) on patient test results.
    • Quantitative and qualitative tests.
    • Grouped test results.
  • Integration With Word Processing

    • Patient selection and personalized form letters.
    • Referral correspondence management.
    • Automatic letter generator for Referral Correspondence.
    • Comprehensive and highly selective Label Generation system for Address, Chart, and Specimen labels, etc.
    • Phone dialer (phone, facsimile, and pager) lists.
  • Lists and Reminders

    • Doctors “To Do” lists.
    • Personal reminder list; Surgery list.
    • Automatic forward scheduling for vaccinations and other procedures.
    • Individual physician waiting lists.

Hosted MOM Features

We pleased to now offer our clients a web hosted MOM service – you can have your MOM system hosted by us in a secure data centre! This means that your MOM system runs on our servers instead of your own server. We care for your data and backups thus eliminating headaches or worries.

  • Server upgrades in your office. No need to upgrade your server – save the money.
  • Server maintenance – you save money on server maintenance, we look after it 24/7.
  • We perform daily and weekly (off site) backups of your data – saves you the time and aggravation.
  • Access your MOM system from anywhere via the internet – be mobile!
  • Security – your data is encrypted – your records are secure.
  • One yearly service fee covers everything! – We make it simple!