MOM Update 42-17 – Compliance with DOH Privacy Act

The Department of Health recently passed a Health Information Privacy Act. To assist you with meeting the requirements of the Act, we are sending out an update (42-17), which will add a username and password login to MOM. This login will be similar to other login pages you are currently accustomed to using for your personal email system, online banking, Facebook, etc. After the update has been installed, and when you next open the MOM program, you will be asked for a username. The username can be anything you choose (for example “andreaj”). You will then be asked to create a password. The password must be 8 – 12 characters long, and contain a mixture of letters and numbers. After confirming the chosen password, enter your name and email address and press F3 to proceed to the main menu. Subsequent logins will only ask for your username and password. Additionally, there is a special username, “Admin”. Whomever is in charge of your MOM system should be assigned that as their username and add their own password to it. The “Admin” user can cancel other users, assist with password recovery, etc. The update will be put on the server for download on Monday, July 15, 2013, which means Linux users will see it on the morning of Tuesday, July 16. Windows users will receive the update when they check the status of the files on the MSI server for the first time after July 15. For more information regarding the Department of Health’s legislative changes, or to obtain copies of the Act and regulations, please visit Should you have questions related to this system update, or require technical assistance, please contact 902-453-4700 and speak with Terry Wagner or Elizabeth Morgan. Best regards on behalf of the MOM team, ANDREA JACKSON OFFICE MANAGER, NOVA SCOTIA CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL